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  • Tim Draper, the billionaire venture capital investor, recommends a long-term approach to investing in Bitcoin. He believes bitcoin's price will reach $250,000 by 2022 and defines Bitcoin as "the currency of the Future". Article

  • Digital Assets firm Grayscale raised $360 million in 2018 (88% for Bitcoin). 66% from institutional investors. This is the strongest year in Grayscale's history and nearly three times more than in 2017. Report

  • As of May 16, Bitcoin is up 125% in 2019 hitting $8200. 'Big money' drives the bull market run.


  • Fidelity surveyed 441 institutional investors from November to February. 22% said they already owned digital assets and 47% said digital assets are worth investing in (46% like the low correlation with other asset classes)
Fidelity began mining Bitcoin in 2015. Bloomberg

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  • In May 2019, CME Bitcoin futures had its best month ever. On May 13th, it reached record single-day volume of 168k equivalent Bitcoin or $1,3 bn notional. On May 28, it hit record open interest. Institutional interest is rising with 223 trading accounts added in May, the most since January 2018. CME futures