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According to Crypto Fund Research, crypto funds (CFR Index) 

outperformed Bitcoin by 50% from Dec 31, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

2019 Crypto Hedge Fund Report (Pwc/Elwood). Report

0tc-X is an open-ended investment fund investing in Bitcoin derivatives (Futures and Options).  The principal investment objective of the fund is to benefit from the substantial growth potential of Bitcoin while mitigating downside volatility risks. 

0tc-X investment philosophy is inspired by Yale University paper research "Risks and Returns of Cryptocurrency" (Liu and Tsyvinski, August 2018). Momentum and the proxies for investor attention tend to consistently explain the variations of cryptocurrency returns.

0tc-X crypto market predictions are derived from last developments in Social Physics by MIT professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland.

Wilfrid "Woolf" Vignon, 20+ years derivatives trader, is 0tc-X fund manager. Harvard graduate in Finance, Woolf studied Social Physics (MIT) and Algorithmic Trading (Oxford).

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