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2018 was a record year for crypto fund launches. 239 new crypto funds were launched in 2018 – a slight increase over the 224 in 2017. There are now a total of 741 crypto funds worldwide. The 114 crypto hedge funds launched last year accounted for nearly 20% of all new hedge funds worldwide. Top countries for new crypto funds (2019): United States (105), China/Hong Kong (22), Singapore (15), Switzerland (10), United Kingdom (10), South Korea (8), Australia (7). 

Crypto fund assets under management in 2018 have exceeded $10 billion, their highest level to date.

  • Cryptoassets, lead by Bitcoin, significantly increase a portfolio's risk-adjusted returns.

  • W advises on the best crypto funds including hedge funds and venture capitals.



W provides services for large crypto/fiat transactions.


According to the Financial Time, growing demand and scarcity saw the wines outperform equities and gold last year. The index that tracks the movements of the most actively traded wines from the Burgundy region on the secondary market jumped 35% last year, setting a record high in November. This compared with pound denominated gains of 5 per cent for gold and a 12 per cent fall for the FTSE 100.

W selects Wine Funds that invest in some of the finest wines in the world in order to maximise returns using equity-style modelling of fine wine market data. Wine is a hedge against political/economic variability, including the return of inflation.