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According to Crypto Fund Research, crypto funds have outperformed Bitcoin since 2016.

The CFR Index (largest crypto fund index with 50 funds included) is worth  $15,308 vs $10,817 for Bitcoin 

(as of June 30, 2019 versus $1000 on dec 31, 2016)


2018 was a record year for crypto fund launches. 239 new crypto funds were launched in 2018 – a slight increase over the 224 in 2017. There are now a total of 741 crypto funds worldwide. The 114 crypto hedge funds launched last year accounted for nearly 20% of all new hedge funds worldwide. 

Crypto fund assets under management in 2018 have exceeded $10 billion, their highest level to date.

  • Cryptoassets, lead by Bitcoin, significantly increase a portfolio's risk-adjusted returns.

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